Call:Connection to the public water supply network

Call:Connection to the public water supply network

The project is currently bringing together homeowners in the village of Lončari along with the neighboring villages of Radeka and Trbovici. Access to these villages is difficult for large tank trucks, due to winding and gravel roads, so the entire community relies on rainwater catchments.

The Karin bay itself is completely covered by water supply, all settlements except these villages in Karin gulf are supplied with drinking water and connected to the water supply network.

This connection to the water supply network would stimulate a dozen of families who living in these hamlets and thus further the development of  families agriculture and sustainable tourism as in Strategies of rural development in EU.

The project of building a water supply system in Kruševo in the immediate vicinity of our villages is underway, which with its technical capacity and characteristics can meet our needs as well.

01.09.2020 we have submitted 22 signatures with the request to Vodovod and authorities in the municipality. We received answers from the government of the Republic of Croatia, the waterworks by regurlar email and from the city of Obrovac itself through the media, we are optimistic that the estimate is that connecting our villages to the Kruševo waterworks costs about 10% of the total cost of building the waterworks “Kruševo – KOBLJANI”, which is worth 9,000,000.00 HRK according to public procurement from 20.07.2020 Client Vodovod d.o.o. Zadar Designation/number 2020/S 0F5-0024111.

For the implementation of our connection, the construction of a pipeline from the settlement of KOBLJANI to the settlement of Lončari is sufficient, since the pipeline from Marići, Brkići-Bekeljaši, Brkići, Kobljani, Klanjci and Šoša; located at 390-450m above sea level, while the potters are at 376m above sea level.

The Lončari association aims to gather all the house owners and residents of these settlements in order to request nd obtain a connection to the water supply on their behalf as all other villages in surroundings.

We ask all owners and heirs of houses in Lončari, Radek and Trbovići to contact us by phone or email

Thanks to anyone who can help this process!

Contact as via form or at phone number: +385917698194.

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